Vancouver Santa For Hire

I’m fully qualified to be your Vancouver Santa for hire for your next event.  Why?

I have been a real bearded Santa Claus since 2010. This makes a year round Santa, and that makes me feel really good!

I have a Masters in Santa Claus(!) from Victor Nevada Santa School, which trains professional Santas.

I love children! I’m a kid at heart. In fact, some people say I’m really a kid in disguise! Well OK, a rather big kid!  

For your peace-of-mind and assurance,  I’ve passed credit and security checks and they are available on request.

Check out my gallery of Santa appearances below and then contact me below to book your time with Vancouver Santa!

What's it Like Being Vancouver Santa?

More to being Santa Claus than Ho-Ho-Ho-ing!

I’m good at understanding body language & listening to parents when I ask your child: 

Have you been a good boy or girl? 

What do you want for Christmas?

Find out more by watching the Vancouver Sun Video of me.  

Also, read their feature of me (opens in a new tab) as well!

Vancouver Santa For Hire Services:
Personal Gift Delivery & Appearances at Your Events

Let Vancouver Santa delivery your gift to your special someone at any time of the year anywhere in the Vancouver area.  Make any day as special as Christmas!

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding proposal, baby or bridal shower, engagement party, company sales kickoff party, congratulatory sports party or backyard graduation party, the cameras will record something that you’ll talk about for years.

Deliveries include flowers, pets, diamond engagement rings with wedding proposals, jewelry or finer clothing gifts, trip or vacation gift giving, achievement awards, retirement gifts, team plaque awards. Anything to your imagination!

Vancouver Santa is also available year round to enhance your next event.  Some of the events I have done or can do include:

  • Breakfast
  • Christmas Parade
  • Neighbourhood Party
  • Fundraiser
  • Promotions
  • Acting
  • Christmas Eve Visits
  • Children’s Parties
  • Restaurant Appearance
  • Special Visits
  • Anything to your imagination!

Avoid disappointment, ensure Vancouver Santa delivers your gift to your special someone or is at your next event today. Contact me below to confirm availability for your event or special delivery today.

Check Vancouver Santa for Hire's Calendar & Then
Email Santa to Confirm Availability for Your Event/Delivery

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Confirmed? Reserve Your Santa Service Today With an $100 Deposit
(Covers $200 First Hour; $75 Per Hour Thereafter)

A reply email will be sent to you to confirm booking & total pricing:
Service wanted & email contact
Date & duration of event

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